Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So far, so good.....

Two days in, and I'm still alive.

First of all, my students have been so wonderfully welcoming. It makes it so much easier to have these wonderful young people that I adore (many whom I've had the good fortune of teaching for a couple of years now) greeting me every morning. They've made me feel so appreciated, and it's been a great reminder that I do love my job.

Secondly, Max has woken up the last two mornings excited to go to his new daycare. He seems to have a great time there, and when I picked him up this afternoon he barely noticed I'd arrived. Luke is eating just fine, and seems to be doing well. Both boys are getting positive reports, and I'm still feeling comfortable with them there.

So far, we are doing well. The mornings haven't killed me yet, and I am surviving the pumping sessions that take up both my lunch and planning time. Dan's been a great help, and my students have been fun. You know, I'm not even faking that things are ok!

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emily said...

I have been thinking of you... Are you so thrilled to be at the weekend? I love having two days to just BE, no commutes, no pumping nonsense, just me and my men.

I hope week two goes smoothly... We are almost there!