Monday, April 14, 2008

Slow down!!!!

I'm sure I've said it here before, but time is just simply going too fast.

This last weekend, time came to change out all of Luke's 3-6 month clothing for the 6-12 month clothing. Each time I do this, it gets harder. After all, Luke is probably our last baby. I won't ever have a little teeny tiny one again, and that just breaks my heart. I am one of those people
who have always dreamed of being a mama - and in my head, that picture includes babies. Before I know it, we'll be out of the baby stage.

It doesn't help that my babies are giants. At Luke's 4 month appointment last week, he was 16 lbs, 6 oz, and 26.75 inches long (90th and 95th percentiles). He is cruising through the clothing sizes, and quickly getting too big for the bouncy chair and swing.

It's to the point that I felt depressed when I woke up this morning and realized that Luke slept through the night. What kind of sick mom am I? But all I could think was how I'm not ready for him to move out of our bed just yet. As I've written about before, sleeping curled up with your slumbering infant feels better than eating chocolate chip cookies in a hot tub while getting a massage. But if he's sleeping through the night, then there's no good excuse to have him with us.

I know that it doesn't do any good to be sad about all this - it's inevitable. And truthfully, I look forward to the things that are ahead of us when the boys are older. But it still makes me a little sad. Unfortunately for you, this is where I come these days to vent about all these extra emotions that motherhood has brought into my life.

So that's that.


Martina said...

time does fly by...i think that's why i have to keep having them, lol. my oldest will be 12 next friday...boy does time slip away!

emily said...

Oh Megan-- I KNOW. I ***KNOW***. My LO sleeps better and I MISS him?? Weird.

I just want him to be teeny a bit longer... Give me a chance to get bored with the current stage before he races to the next one.