Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday bliss...

You know, it's not so bad. We're a week in, and things have gone just fine.

I really appreciate all of the support that you have all given me this week. My amazing sister and brother-in-law sent me flowers on my first day back, and my parents sent some once I'd made it halfway through the week. The emails checking in on us have been great, too.

The boys seem to be adjusting. For Luke, it's easy. Max appears on the surface to be doing great, but some ornery behavior tells the truth - that this is an adjustment for him, too. We'll see how things go this next week, and if the newness of his new daycare wears off.

One thing that has happened is a renewed appreciation of the weekend. We hardly left the house today, and just laid around - but it felt heavenly. There's not a whole lot better than a mid-afternoon nap with a beautiful baby. And tonight we're watching a movie (No Country for Old Men - really cheerful, right?). Tomorrow will be the cleaning/getting life reorganized day.

So, once again, thanks for just thinking of us this last week. I feel so fortunate to have people that care about these changes in our lives. It means more than you know....

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emily said...

cute photo-- and i'm glad you didn't pack your weekend full of stuff... sometimes you just need the down time.

Good luck tomorrow.