Sunday, April 13, 2008

So great....

Weekends, by definition, are good. This one was great. One of those rare combinations of relaxing and getting all the things done that you wanted to - and with great weather to boot!

The weather offered Dan some great time to do some much needed motorcycle riding - I am so happy that he has this passion that offers him such release. The boys and I did the grocery shopping (not usually my favorite thing), and found some great strawberries, which makes everything wonderful. We played outside all afternoon yesterday, planted some lettuce, cilantro, baby bok choy, and summer bulbs, and made chocolate chip cookies after dinner.

Today my parents returned from Canada and the birth of my beautiful niece. They hung out and played with the boys for a while, and as typical when my dad comes to visit, helped us get some long-overdue chores done. Dan and my dad put together a bookshelf that I bought from IKEA ages ago to be used as a toy shelf in the living room. And this afternoon I got the chance to do some sewing (a couple of pouch slings for my cousin who is due with twins very soon).

Just a couple things:

- I want to totally recommend this book. I've only done the master recipe, but it's been great to have fresh homemade bread so easily! It's also been a big hit amongst my NCB group.

- Work has been going well - in fact, it's Sunday evening, and I'm not even crying!

- I'm looking to learn to knit. If anyone has great recommendations for classes/books, please leave me a comment with that info! Or, if you think I am nuts to try and tackle one more hobby that I don't currently have time for, let me know that, too!

Hope that you all had a great weekend, and that the change in weather tomorrow doesn't stick around too long! After all, I want to go to the Tulip Festival next weekend...

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Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

that is how I am when it comes to hobbies! I love to bake, that bread looks delish! we should recipe swap sometime!