Friday, June 19, 2009

The Summer List

On our first day of summer, Max and I sat down at the kitchen table to make a very important list. As you know, our summer is going to busy and list-filled, but this one is the most important. It is the list of fun things we want to do this summer.

Max was so excited to get to started on his list that in this first week we have tackled three of his items:

1. Making Dinosaurs:

2. Making a Blanket and Pillow Fort:

3. Going to the zoo:

It's been so nice to give our days a little direction and let Max feel like he's getting to do things he wants to do. With all of the other things going on, we need the incentive to play and craft and pretend.

Luke? He's still pretty content to go along for the ride on Max's adventure train. Now, next summer he'll get to make his own list.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The picture...

Let me tell you about the picture I'm not going to post.

But to tell you about it, I have to give you a little background.

My dad is a guy's guy. From top to bottom. He loves to hunt, camp in crazy weather, ride horses, and be outdoors. And he has two daughters. Now, I've always said that it was good that I didn't have a brother, because if I had, I think he would have been the one encouraged to tag along with my dad. As it was, he had to "settle" for us girls - and never told us that there were "girl things" or "boy things". I loved it, and felt very lucky that my dad trusted us to learn to be tough.

But there was always a part of me that felt bad that my dad didn't have a son who enjoyed doing all the things he did.

Flash forward twenty years.

This weekend the boys and I went down to my parents' house to hang out. One of the eternal chores on their 40 acres is changing irrigation pipe - hauling large lengths of metal pipe from one part of the field to another to keep the grass green in the high desert heat. I hated doing it as a kid. But this weekend I strapped Luke in the ergo, Max tossed on the ever-present rain boots, and we headed out to join my parents in the field.

With Luke on, I was useless. But Max was desperately excited to help. Running everywhere that Papa went, he learned to lift the latches and hook them in place, and then move on to the next pipe. By the end he was working hard at carrying one end while Papa carried the other. Both were grinning ear to ear.

And when I turned from a conversation with my mom to watch them across the field, my heart did that little stutter step. The one that says, "Remember this. Just like this. Forever."

There it was - my perfect picture. My Dad with his boy - my son - working their way across the pasture. They have the same posture - upper bodies leaned forward, with arms barely moving, long steps. Faces fixed in looks of focused determination. Totally in sync in both body and heart.

I didn't have my camera with me. So this one my heart had to take. And the best part? The picture in my head is always perfectly in focus. There forever.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Just had to come inside for a tapestry needle (finishing off knitting a baby hat), and the computer sucked me in. One of my goals for this summer is to blog more regularly, and since today is the first day, I better give it a shot.

One month from today, we will be sitting in our new house, having officially handed over the keys to this place by 8:00 pm. We will have done our final vacuuming, counter wipe-down, and walk-through. It will officially not be our house anymore.

I'm such a pansy that even the thought makes me tear up.

I love this house.

This was the first place that Dan and I ever felt truly at home in. The first place where we felt settled. It's where we brought our babies home, and where we spent endless hours drying tears, sharing smiles, and cuddling to our hearts' content. The only home Max and Luke have ever known.

It's going to be hard to leave.

This month will be full of trying to squeeze the best out of every last moment here. Picnics on the lawn we put in three years ago. Eating the peas that are almost ready. Visiting with neighbors we've come to adore. And tonight? Sitting n the deck next to my Joseph's Coat rosebush enjoying the last of the day's sun.

'Night, all.