Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trying to figure out...

It's really only within the last few months that I have really started reading blogs. Before I chalked them up to the same realm as MySpace and such - stuff I wasn't that interested in. I read a few scrapbooking blogs, but that was it.

I'm not sure exactly why that has changed, but it has. Right now, I just can't read enough. From the flashy to the simple, I love the glimpses into people's lives. My current fascination are crafting blogs - I love seeing the amazing things people are doing, and getting a little insight as to how they got there. Mom blogs are also great - especially those with a unique sense of humor and great writing voice. And cute kid pictures don't hurt. (Although to be honest, I am more interested in reading about the mom and how things are for her than post after post detailing the latest developmental milestone)

I think that I am in an information-gathering stage. I am needing a new creative outlet, but haven't found it yet. I see the amazing things others are doing and think, "Hey, I want to be good at that...", but haven't yet found my own individual outlet. I think I am needing to do a lot of sampling.

Now - where to start? More digital scrapbooking? necklace pendants? beadwork? quilting? cake decorating (although that could be bad for the diet!!)? painting? Maybe I just need to check out a few more blogs....

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