Monday, February 18, 2008


Today we began the official interview process for a spring daycare provider. Last week I posted an ad on craigslist, and have been sorting through the replies to get down to the 4 or so that we are going to meet with. We were lucky to get quite a few nice replies, and I largely used location as a method to begin sorting - 45 minutes out of the way to work was just too much. The remaining "candidates" and I have exchanged several emails in order to see if rates, numbers, times, and the technical stuff lined up.

This morning we met with two nice women to discuss their respective home care situations. Both are very experienced, and have many references. They have different styles, and there are things that ideally we would change about either situation. Unfortunately, neither is perfect. But honestly, I'm not sure that "perfect" is out there for us right now. We meet another woman on Wednesday, and I have one to still make an appointment with tonight. If either of them isn't perfect, we have to figure out which one is the best fit.

How are you supposed to determine who is the right person to entrust with the most valuable parts of your life? No matter how many questions I ask or time I spend observing, there are still nagging questions in the back of my mind. And the news media horror stories sure don't help. I just want a guarantee that both boys will be happy, safe, and loved.

I wish that I enjoyed this process - that would make it easier. We really lucked out with Lauren, and nobody is as great as she is for our family. But, I have to go to work, and the boys have to stay with someone. I guess this is really what I need to be praying for right now - that God brings the right person in our lives, and that we have the wisdom to recognize them! Anyone else's prayers would be greatly appreciated, too!

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