Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So thankful...

First off - on a regular basis, my two year old busts out with some phrase that catches us by surprise, and usually has us rolling. I usually forget them - but today's was hilarious. He would be rambling on about something, come to the end of an idea, and wrap the whole thing up with, "And so it is." I mean, WHAT?! He's nuts - this one's right up there with, "Man overboard, the pirate said!"

But what I really wanted to write about today is how thankful I am for the wonderful man I married. For the last twelve weeks he has been home from work, to help us transition from a family of three to a family of four. Thanks to accrued sick leave and OFLA (Oregon Family Leave Act), he took time off from a job he loves to be immersed in the world of diaper changes and temper tantrums. And having him here has made every bit of difference in the world.

Because of his help, Max has been able to adjust to being a big brother. Because of his help, Luke has had a calm entrance to the world. And because of his help, I have been able to heal from surgery, cuddle my oldest, and learn all about this new addition to our hearts. I couldn't have survived this transition with out him.

I was reading The Pioneer Woman's blog today, and she wrote about how wonderfully amazing it is when you realize that the man that you fell in love with is an incredible father. How there is nothing sexier than your husband holding your child in his arms. And, you know, she's right. I lucked out. I didn't need the last twelve weeks to tell me this - but it sure was a great reminder.

Thanks, Dan.

*Yes, I know that they are his kids too, and that he has just as much responsibility for raising them as I do. But the fact that he gets that so completely is the point. 'Cause that isn't always the case.

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