Friday, February 8, 2008

Full Brain.....

While life is technically pretty calm around here right now, I am having a hard time getting my brain to slow down enough to make a decent blog post. So, heck, why not just go with a list of the "tunes" stuck in my brain right now:

- Work is majorly stressing me out - and I'm not even there. It's not good to be getting emails from students that things are not working out with the sub. While I'm nowhere near ready to go back, I may have to go in a little for some "attitude adjustments".

- Still don't have daycare for the kids. I go back in a month and a half, and have no idea where they will be during the day. I almost cry just thinking about leaving them with a new stranger, so this leads me to avoid looking. I really need to get on it.

- Possibility of working half-time next year. Dan and I talked for a little while last night about the possibility of be going back to halftime, and the idea makes me so excited. Now i just need to start figuring out if we can make it a reality.

- Any great suggestions for keeping the two and a half year old in time out?

- Dan goes back to work in a week and a half. I have loved having us both home, without schedules. It has been amazing - I'm just not ready for it to end.

- Erin's baby is due in about 8 weeks. I won't be there. That sucks.

- David Lynch movies are not my thing. (Dan is watching Inland Empire right now)

So - there's where my brain is right now. Full. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. But, we'll get there.

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