Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8th...

Confession time: I have written and erased three posts tonight. My brain just isn't here. It could have been zapped by the staff development morning followed by the teaching afternoon. Or perhaps it was dragging two boys around the outlet mall for an hour earlier this evening. Maybe it's the weather/mood/shampoo/whatever. But tonight I'm just going with a list of random things I'm thankful for:

1. Heat. There isn't any in my classroom - which makes me all the more appreciative that I have it in my car and my home.

2. Max - this morning he described the Wise Men as "the guys who work with Joseph"

3. Luke - he came and cuddled with me this morning, and tried just have his little face touching as much of my face as possible

4. Dan - he's been great about little surprises lately. Yesterday it was the new Jimmy Buffet album loaded into itunes.

5. Sunshine - hey - it's not raining, which I know I'll really appreciate soon enough

6. Anything chocolate and mint. Enough said.

7. Schedules that allow our little family to have dinner together nearly every single night.

8. Creative energy floating in my head - even if I'm not getting to act on it, I'm glad it's there to keep me going.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful day, and that I have more for you tomorrow. Peace out.

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Marilee said...

Did you tell Max that his dad, Papa, and Uncle Alex became the three wise men the Christmas we found out that Max would be joining us in 8 months? Chocolate and mint do make a great combination; those little bombs that you left here after Thanksgiving are making dieting very difficult. I love you and can't help but be envious of these years of your life. It is wonderful that you are conciously appreciating this time. I look forward to more posts.