Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7th....

Today was the start of something magical. But it involves a little background. So bear with me - I'll get there, I promise.

Before Max was concieved, I found myself a member of Babycenter, a website/store/community centered on all things baby. First as a member of a "Trying to Conceive" board, then a Clomid Support board, and finally a birth board - August '05. On the birth board I became a part of close group of women from around the country (and the UK).

When I got pregnant with Luke, I didn't think I would join another birth board - a "been there, done that" feeling, if you will. But somewhere during the first trimester I was really wanting to connect with others who were having the same joy of expecting that I was. So I ventured over to the November '07 board. And the rest, they say, is history. I became part of another very special group of women from around the country.

One thing that we had in common was a love of all things crafty. Last Christmas, many of the women decided to do a gift exchange with crafts and treasures and sharing of traditions. I didn't join - I was far too intimidated. But once the gifts started to be opened and shared, I realized I needed to man up - and there was no way I would miss another one. Since then there have been a couple of other swaps - Valentines, Mother's Day, and and Artist Trading Card swap.

But today began our Twelve (Thirteen) Days of Christmas Swap. There are two teams of women who each made 13 gifts and sent them around the country to their team. Each day for the next thirteen days I have a little gift to open. Today I got to open a perfect little package containing lip balm and soap. Tomorrow's had to be refrigerated - curiosity is piqued!

It's these little bits of magic...the surprises...the thought that a friend I've never met from halfway across the country sent me a perfect gift. Can you beat it?!

(Oh - and here's the blog if you want to follow along with our Twelve days of Christmas)

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enpanderson said...

That's awesome! I can't wait to see (and possibly steal), all of your loot!