Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Cloudy, rainy, end-of-summer days do this to me. A feeling that starts off just a little out of sorts, and leads to the kind of melancholy that feels like it will only be fixed by a big fat cry. Or a bubble bath.

No, nothing is wrong. Yes, I'm back at work in the mornings - that's going just fine. No, the boys won't take their naps. But that's ok too. Family and friends are dong well. Still deeply in love. Life's good in all the ways that count.

Don't know where these days come from. But you know, I just may give in to this one. Maybe we'll pop on a movie for Max, pop some popcorn, and knit as much as Luke's busy, exhausted hands will allow.

Edited to add: An hour later, and both boys are finally asleep. I'm on the couch lesson planning and listening to podcasts. Still a little grey, but trying to take advantage of a few moments of peace.

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emily said...

good for them for finally napping! Noah has been doing the one-naps thing and it's too soon in his life for that. Daily struggle, I tell ya.

Hang in there!