Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Three... a magic number! At least we're hoping so. Max turned the big 3 yesterday, and what a fun and busy affair that was.

On Monday night, we had a small family gathering for dinner and marshmallow cake. It was funny - we had asked Max what he wanted for his birthday dinner, and suggestion number one - leftover noodles. Suggestion two? Tomatoes, white rice, and animal cookies. While that may have been amusing, we were happy when he came up with suggestion number three - hamburgers. Dessert was also his choice, and there was no dissuading him from his desires for a "marshmallow cake". Now, I wasn't sure what that was, so we improvised - fudge cake with marshmallow cream and fudge filing, and decorated with marshmallows. It seemed to meet his approval.

He had a wonderful time opening presents, and the hardest part of the day was convincing him that he needed to go to bed - after all, he had all these new presents that needed to be played with! He got some wonderful gifts, including a fun dollhouse (my craigslist find), a great paring garage and fire station, some new Thomas Train toys, and a bubble lawnmower that he couldn't wait to run around with.

Yesterday several of his playgroup friends came over to play, and although I was trying to get away without throwing a birthday party, they brought some very thoughtful gifts, and enjoyed cupcakes. Max was thrilled to pass out birthday hats to everyone, and was so excited to have his friends over.

Last night he recieved his "big" present from us - a big boy bike. Though he's an inexperienced peddler, he enjoyed coasting through the neighborhood before busting out the bubble lawnmower and running through the sprinkler with it. All in all, lots of fun.

I have to say that this was my favorite birthday yet. He was so into it - had definite wants (the birthday banner, marshmallow cake), presents he hoped for and received, family and friends that he adores. It was really cool. Maybe we'll do it again next year...

Oh - and the sweetest thing? As I put him to bed last night, he says "Mama, I want to be two again - that was a pretty good year..." Sounds like he's just as ready to grow up as I am to have him grow up.


Kirby3131 said...

That is a great cake - I love the marshmallows all around it - very cool.

I was cruising through Pioneer Womans comments and clicked on your link (just to let you know how I found you)

What a nice looking bday party!

emily said...

yay for getting a comment from a random Pioneer Woman blog comment! I LOVE the internet!

And I love your cake as well. Cool interpretation of "marshmallow cake".

And what a sweet, tender smile on that kiddo's face in the last photo... it matches his bedtime words perfectly. Makes me want to give him a big HUG.