Friday, August 1, 2008


Not much to say - just had to share this picture. THIS is my oldest. A manic, crazy, passionate ball of energy with a grin that can thrill and terrify me at the same time. Oh - and at this time he was busy being his current favorite superhero - STICKERMAN!

Need evidence? Here ya go:

Beware - he can break hearts and litter your floor with gooey pieces of paper in a single bound!


j.yue said...

oh megan your blog is my favorite right now. thank goodness you post often. but this has to be the best post yet!!!! i have got to tell friends and fam to check this out! i can't get enough of this guy! and you truly do have a great life with great fam and great kids. so glad to know you and hear/read about your fun life. makes me happy.

emily said...

that is TOO funny! Good for you for grabbing the camera!!