Friday, August 15, 2008

Great investment....

One of my favorite things to do when I was a little one was to play "dress-up". We had a collection of old dresses and hats and shoes, and would create and assemble any number of costumes to help in our play. Honestly, I thought it was a girl thing.

But reading The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule reminded me that playing dress-up is just as appealing for boys as it is for girls. But I wasn't sure what kinds of costumes would be most appealing for Max and Luke.

In comes Goodwill. In one 30 minute visit, we found enough to fuel endless afternoons of pretending. A few hats, a construction vest (the definite favorite), scarves, scrubs, a jersey, ties, glasses, and leis. $34. From them, we have seen endless combinations and heard incredible tales. Sometimes they are the game itself, other times they are merely the prop to set the mood. And lately he is even involving Luke in play.

I can't wait to continue collecting. And I know that whatever we find will be used in ways I can't even imagine. Dress-up - I highly recommend it!


Kirby3131 said...

The pictures are just wonderful. I was raised in a house full of girls - so I would have probably thought the same, that dress up was a girl thing. But after seeing a friend of mines son dress up as a fireman in a red shirt, red pot holder and spatula, I've since learned that boys love it, too!


emily said...

I LOVE that book... it has been really inspiring to me as well.

And those are GREAT photos of GREAT finds!