Monday, August 11, 2008


Don't I have two kids?

Don't worry - I haven't forgotten about Luke. Truth be told, he just doesn't say or do as many funny/crazy/frustrating things as Max does (yet!), so I don't post about him quite as often. Isn't that the truth of the second child? I'm sure my sister would attest to that.

Really, Luke is a great kid. Over the last month, he has moved out of the easy-as-pie happy go lucky lump mode, and is starting to really express himself. First of all, his facial expressions kill me. He has this great fully-wrinkled-nose, sparkly eye grin that cracks me up. And that toothy smile (we're working on tooth number 8) is quite cute - until it latches very firmly onto my shoulder. Biting is becoming a bit of a problem, but fortunately I'm usually the only victim. We're still waiting for our "Charlie bit me" moment - but I'm sure it's on the way.

Food has also been an adventure with Luke lately. At first, he took to solid foods (baby purees) like a champ. But a few weeks ago, he totally rebelled. It took some real trickery to get him to even open his mouth for the spoon. Because he's such a big guy, we didn't really worry about it, but it was getting frustrating. Well, turns out, he will eat just fine - if he can do it himself. Load the spoon up, hand it to him, and he's good to go. A little messy, but he'll eat plenty that way. He also has embarked very happily on the journey towards finger foods. Chunks of fruit and veggies on the tray are a hit, and oatmeal is so much more fun than rice cereal. What can I say - that stubborn, independent streak shows up early in my kiddos (they get it from their mama!).

Probably the biggest change in our world lately is the increased mobility of this youngest Young. He can now army crawl with the best of them, and scoots with rapid precision right into whatever it is that big brother does not want him in. We are definitely entering a new stage with all of that. Luke loves being able to move around more - the jury is still out for how much Max and I like this change.

Here are a couple recent pictures of our cutie - and thanks for indulging me the update!


emily said...

oh yeah! What a personality shining through those eyes!

Fun update!

j.yue said...

so cute. okay, growing up way too fast tho. i can't handle this. finger foods...seriously.