Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to work...

You know, just when I start to feel like I've got a handle on this stay-at-home mom thing, it's time to go back to work. Tomorrow I head back to school - four days of prep work, and students start next Wednesday. Although I have the usual butterflies in my stomach, I am also not as stressed, knowing that I am working half-days this year.

But really, it's a pity - yesterday I felt like a mom straight out of a fifties sitcom. First of all, I sewed a cute little apron. Now, I don't know when I will ever wear said apron - I may take it to school to carry all my stuff around there, but at least now I have one. Secondly, we spent the day being domestic - car washing, park visit, laundry, buying some plants at the nursery, weeding the garden. Third was our dinner - I actually roasted a whole chicken for the first time in my life. Why didn't anyone tell me it was so easy?! And the evening wrapped up with some ironing and knitting (my other favorite new hobby).

The boys were happy, Dan was well fed, and I felt like I had figured out juggling productive time with enjoyment. Big win for all.

But now for the big shift. It's always a little hairy at the beginning of the school year. And, for the first time, my classroom is no where near ready before going back to work. In fact, it's still in boxes (I moved rooms). And truth be told, I'm just not sure the hours are there to get it all put together. We'll see.

I keep reminding myself that it always works out - we shift, find a new balance, create a new normal. The boys are back in the loving arms and capable hands of our favorite caregiver. I will be home by 12:30. We will still have time for craft days and music and parades in the rain (which is sure to start soon). And I will get to be spending my mornings with some of the most creative, intriguing young people our city has to offer.

It's not a bad deal. Now to get through the transition....


emily said...

1.) I LOVE your apron-- the fabric choices are MARVELOUS and the big pockets? Genius!

2.) I'm so glad you got to wind down your time off with such good quality time with family and with your knitting... How perfect.

3.) I feel ya on the unorganized classroom-- that would unsettle me a LOT going into a new year. I hope it slowly drifts to finished for you.

4.) I feel your wistfulness in going back. I am thrilled for you that it is only half-days, and I hope you find your new balance soon.

I'll be thinking of you...

j.yue said...

i am so glad you are half days! it will be so perfect. you are such an amazing woman! having blog envy right now. and the mom and sis still get them too. too funny. if the students only knew. have a great first day back to work minus students!