Sunday, March 2, 2008

Recent Maxisms...

He doesn't yet mean to be, but boy our kid can be funny. The things he comes up with amaze me. Thought I'd just jot a few down before I forget them.....

- "Man overboard, the sailors cried" - heard first while playing with a new toy at grandma and grandpa's, but soon became the refrain any time he jumped off anything.

- "forlost" - a combination of forgot and lost, used when describing something that is missing. Example - "I forlost my shark."

- "Can I kiss Luke's penis?" - He was just working his way down Luke's body while showing affection - and couldn't figure out why the answer was, "Um, that's not a great idea"

- ending stories with "and so it is."

- "I'm the boy pansy" - while pretending to be a young male chimpanzee (a current favorite game)

- "Well, actually...." - Seriously? You're two and a half!

Every day brings a new one. I love it - he's becoming a little person at such an alarming speed! Now if only I could help him understand that I'm not laughing AT him....

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