Friday, March 28, 2008

He's amazing...

You know what? This little guy is pretty amazing.

Yeah, obviously we think he's adorable. He's got great eyes, and an adorable smile. When he's got you one-on-one, he babbles forEVER! Even the slurping sound he makes when he sucks on his fingers cracks me up.

But the thing that is most amazing to me is just how easy he is. Mr. Laid Back. He can just chill out in his bouncy chair as the world goes crazy around him - and for long periods of time. Not much gets him too riled up - very much like his dad. But he's a lot more smiley (which is extra cute when you don't have teeth). It makes my life so easy, and has made our transition to a two-kid family rather simple. After all, he's content to just go with the flow.

I'm so curious to see who our amazing little boy turns out to be. And for his sake, I hope that he hangs on to his ability to take life as it comes. That trait will serve him well (and maybe a little of it will rub off on his mama!).

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Diane said...

Your kids are both adorable. :-)
Thanks for sharing your blog.