Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wonderful Day....

I've been working so hard at enjoying every last minute of my maternity leave that I haven't had a chance to post much recently - so I hope to do some catching up over the next day or two...

But I have to say that we had a WONDERFUL day last Saturday! One of those that just doesn't come along very often. And the great thing was that it was all about Max.

First was Easter Eggs. Last year Max got to color a few eggs, but it was a very fast process, and he wasn't sure he was into it. This year started out much the same - for the first three eggs he dipped them halfway into the dye and called them done. But then the switch went on. He realized that despite getting his fingers messy, dying eggs was fun, and he wanted to do as much as possible. Now, I'm a pretty traditional dye-er - one, maybe two colors per egg. Not Max - eggs moved from cup to cup to cup until it seemed the shells just couldn't hold any more color. Forty-five minutes after starting, we had to put an end to it. But great fun was had, and the eggs turned out beautifully.

Then the evening was even better.

When Max was about 14 months old, he fell in love with The Wiggles. While we really try and limit his TV exposure, every night before bath he would get to watch a 30 minute episode of Greg, Murray, Anthony and Jeff dancing and singing. And far more often than we would like to admit, Dan and I would be humming "Toot, toot, chuga chuga, big red car" as we cleaned up the kitchen. So when I found out that they were coming to town, Dan and I decided that we should surprise Max.

So Saturday afternoon we told Max that we were going somewhere, and that it was a surprise. We took the MAX train into town - which, to be honest, was the big surprise as far as Max was concerned. He was so interested in seeing everything, and that didn't stop when we got to the Rose Garden. Even sitting down inside surrounded by people covered in Wiggles paraphernalia, he wasn't sure what we were dong there. It wasn't until the Wiggles themselves came on stage that the "surprise" was revealed.

Now, I often forget that when Max is REALLY excited or overwhelmed, that he gets very quiet. That's exactly what happened - no big shouts or screams - just a gleam in the eye and a gaze that didn't shift for the entire hour and a half concert. It was beautiful - he was so happy to be there. And while it isn't cool to admit it, so were Dan and I. I found myself tearing up. Truly, there is nothing better than the absolute joy of your child. Just one of those moments I hope I never forget.

So, overall, it was a wonderful day. And Max thought it was pretty good, too.

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