Friday, January 1, 2010

Lots to catch up on...

Ah, yes, we are very lucky indeed.

The last week has been a glorious one with lots of family, generosity, and laughter. We have enjoyed two Christmases, one wedding, a birthday, and the dawn of a new year. Most of that time was spent in the company of those we love best.

With today being New Year's, I am tempted to jump right to that, and my thoughts on the year ahead. But I can't do that without a little reflection on the year that just ended. And then there's Christmas. Can't leave that out - too many fun memories that need to have their place. So that's where we will start.

(Now, I know that many of you are over the whole Christmas "thing". If so, wait a day or two and pop back in.)

After spending Christmas eve going to Mass and then Dan's parents' home for clam chowder, Christmas day was at our place. It was perfect. Both boys awoke around 7, watched an episode of "Ni Hao, Kai Lan", and then remembered it was Christmas. They came to the fireplace area to see that Santa had indeed been there (as evidenced by the crumbs of missing sugar cookies). Both boys squealed and begged to begin opening gifts.

Luke received a kitchen - he loves to play chef, and this one is the perfect fit for him. He really enjoyed preparing food for all of us and opening and closing the oven and cupboard.

Max had been very specific about what he hoped to receive from Santa - and we all hoped that he wouldn't be disappointed by Santa's interpretation of that gift. Instead of two big firetrucks (a noisy one for outside and a quiet one for inside, remember?), he was given the Lego fire station. Well, rest assured, there was nothing but joy for that little boy. He was in love. He immediately wanted to start building - and he continued throughout the entire day.

Mid-morning my in-laws came over. We shared cinnamon rolls and watched the boys play before opening gifts. It was so nice to take the day at a leisurely pace.

Here's Dan reading a new book to the boys, who were enjoying new additions to the dress-up box:

And Aunt Carrie and Max, with his big-boy gift - an iPod shuffle:

We wrapped up the day with an early dinner. My sister-in-law planned and prepared the most amazing feast:

Seriously - heaven. Carrie is an amazing cook. And it was the perfect wrap-up to a wonderful Christmas day.

It is days like these that just reinforce how lucky I am to have married into such a great family. It was magical to watch the boys and their absolute excitement in leading up to Christmas, and to have the day equal the build-up was perfect.

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