Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Facebook rabbit hole...

I'm sitting here tonight in a quiet house. Dan's off playing guitar with some friends, and the beasties are in bed. I've got a stack of papers to grade, and American Idol on the tivo. All in all, a fairly average evening.

Then, I pop open facebook. Read some status updates, laugh at friends' children and the funny things they do. Wish a high school friend happy birthday. And stumble upon the announcement that a college friend has released a single that is getting airplay. WHAT?! Seriously? And then I'm off to check out his webpage and buy one of his songs on iTunes. Then I'm watching an interview of him on youtube.

And I'm now sitting here stunned. And a little down. In the last ten years he has earned a heavy degree from a prestigious university (not the one we attended together), worked as an investment banker, moved to the UK, became an amazing slam poet, and now is releasing a hip hop CD. That is quite the 10 years. And mine is not nearly that exciting.

Want to hear my 10 years? Got married. Taught middle school. Had two kids. The end.

But you know, it gets me to thinking. Would I have wanted his 10 years or mine? If you know me at all, you already know the answer.

And then you know that I have to reform my list:

1. I was lucky enough to meet the person I will spend the rest of my life with. The person who pushes me every day to be better than I am today, and loves me unendingly despite my journeys down the facebook rabbit hole.

2. Every day parents trust me with the most precious thing in their lives, and ask me to help shape their children. I get to spend every day with 62 passionate, energetic, justice-and-truth driven individuals who have it well within their capabilities to change this world. Over the last 10 years, I have shared the lives of over 800 students, and even altered the course of a few lives.

3. I grew two people. Two people who make me laugh harder than I've ever laughed before. Two people who someday will find their own paths to their passions but today are content to cuddle on the couch and tell me they love me best (when they aren't loving their daddy best).

You know, it's not so bad to be me. Sure, it doesn't sound as glamorous as some, but I never was one for all the flash and excitement. Give me a blanket on the couch, sleeping babies in bed, conversation with the man I love, and yarn in hand.

And while I get flashes of jealousy for the lives that I don't have, those flashes are quickly replaced with the reminder that I have the life I want.


Marilee said...

...and while you're at it, count the fact that you and your sister have given your father and I everything we have ever wanted: the richness that comes from having children who married very well, are good and productive citizens, who are raising beautiful children who will hopefully go on to do all that God has planned for them. And it goes on from there. We all yearn sometimes to be the person who receives the public acknowledgment of great accomplishment, but sometimes we get to be the parent or grandparent of that person and that is good enough for me. As the line from the movie goes, "You complete me/us!" Love, Mom

Anna said...

Ok, I was crying at work before and then I read your mom's comment and now I am a mess!

I would add to that list that you have become a friend who shares things deeply with those you love. Your words are so wise to me and one day, when I grow up, I want to be like you.

Stefanie said...

I am speechless, Megan. And, like Anna, I was crying before, and then I read your mom's comment. Holy cow!

What a wonderful way to be MINDFUL and to APPRECIATE the things you have, or have to offer. We all get caught in that rabbit hole, but only some of us have the grace to step back and jump back out.

I've said it before, so sorry for repeating it -- but you amaze me. XXOO

Emily S. said...

Megan, your insight takes my breath away. Like Anna, I strive to be like you someday. And you are more far-reachingly significant and inspiring than you least streching as far as St Louis. :) and your mom's note? Powerful stuff. Love you!!