Friday, January 1, 2010

Our second Christmas...

After a great Christmas with Dan's family, we headed out to spend a week with mine. My little cousin Mychael was getting married, so my sister, brother-in-law, and niece came from Ottawa for the week, and we joined them at my parents' house.

Having all three kiddos together was so much fun. Luke and Savannah are about 5 months apart, and seem to antagonize each other more than enjoy the company. But Max and Savannah - they've got a special relationship. It's quite the mutual admiration society. My parents were in heaven having all three grandchildren together, and it was only improved by my sister's perfect little pregnant belly with promise of more fun to come (in late May or early June).

The wedding was beautiful. Mychael and Kieran are a couple so obviously in love, and celebrating with them was a blessing. It was also a great time to hang out with my other cousins and their children. And thanks to a babysitter, Dan and I got to enjoy the reception sans children.

The rest of our time there was spent enjoying time together. My mom, sister and I enjoyed taking advantage of a sale at an amazing quilting store, we hung out with cousins some more, went and saw Avatar 3D, and celebrated my mom's birthday with a girls' viewing of New Moon and some banana cream pie (I won't mention the tragedy of the peanut butter pie, Erin!).

For me, the highlight of our time there was just the moments spent at home. My niece is the cutest, funniest little bug. She is dainty and petite in every way that my boys are rough and rowdy, and I loved getting to play with her. My brother -in-law Alex is great for all the football we can get, and he and Dan had a great time playing Wii. Although my Dad had to work for most of our visit, we made sure to enjoy the evenings together with some heated Wii and Apples to Apples. My mom is the most generous host and Mema on Earth, and there's nothing I like better than celebrating her on her birthday.

And then there's my sister. Love her. Hate that she lives so far away. Admire her as a mama and think she's the most beautiful preggo on the planet. Most of all, I miss her.

So our second Christmas? That one was pretty magical, too.

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Marilee said...

Reliving our Christmas week through your writing is a gift. Thank you! You are so right when you say that I was in heaven having all of my kiddos in the same place with no agenda other than enjoyment of each other and way too much food and drink. Now back to reality. Oh wait; I get to go to Cabo in a few days. Well, reality is highly overrated.