Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things heard around my house the last few days....

1. "Ok, do you want to be a pilot ogre or a controller ogre?" (Max) "Ummmmm, piyot ogre, 'k?" (Luke)

2. "Moooooom, you just need to be patient." (Max)

3. "I so lucky, mama!" (Luke)

4. "Aunt Carrie loves me, Grandma loves me, Grandpa Tom loves me, Mema loves me, Papa loves me, Aunt Erin loves me....." - on and on naming every family member he knows. (Luke)

5. "Super hero firefighter pirates to the rescue!" (Max)

6. "But I don't wanna go back to school!" (Me)


Marilee said...

I would love to know the backstories for those quotes, except for yours, Meg, I know where that one comes from. I hope this first early morning won't be too hard.

Caroline said...

I love these!!!! Picturing Luke saying 'piyat ogre, k?' just makes me smile. :) thanks for sharing and hope the transition back to work is going ok. xo!

Stefanie said...

#3 is so wonderful! I hope that makes his baby book (not so much a baby anymore though, hey??)