Sunday, January 10, 2010

Settling into winter...

This last week has felt like we are preparing to settle into winter. I know that most of you believe that winter started over a month ago - I consider December "Holiday Season", separated from regular winter by all the hustle and bustle of preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

January feels like when winter really begins. That time of year when things go internal. We stay in our homes more, avoiding foul weather. For me, I also find that I stay in my head a little more. My brain starts hatching plans - but that's all they are at this point. Lots of plans, ideas. Not necessarily a lot of action - which I'm ok with. After all, spring is a time for action. And it will be here soon enough.

In the meantime, I thought I'd show a couple of the crafties that was working on before Christmas. Now that they've been gifted, so here they are:

Here are some fingerless gloves that were knitted from this pattern. (This is one glove from each of the pairs, not just a crazy stash-busting project) They knit up really quickly, and are fun. My favorite thing was working with the Dream in Color yarn - it is just so soft and the variation in the color is perfect.

Another knitting project for Christmas was a series of three hats (Dan's isn't pictured, as it wasn't finished until right before gifting.) They were from the pattern here, and again were a quick knit for this busy crafting season.
Another project I had a great time working on was a knitting bag, needle roll, and pouch for my little sister. I used the Birdie Sling pattern from Amy Butler, a combination of online tutorials for the needle roll, and the instructions from Bend the Rules for the pouch. The fabric is all from a great Joel Dewberry line that I had been drooling over for a while, but couldn't figure out how to use.

And finally, another quick knitting project - washcloths for my grandma. These are from a fun little pattern on the Purl Bee:

All great crafting fun. Thanks for taking a look! Hope your winter is settling in nicely...


Lisa said...

Megan- Your crafties are wonderful! I LOVE the purse! :)

mandy draper said...

Seriously, how did you get so creative? Nevermind, you have always been creative. I love everything you knitted. I am truly amazed and impressed of your abilities...all while being a fantastic mom, wife, and teacher. I thought the mail box sewing idea was adorable. SJ's tutu you made is just about the cutest thing ever! Keep it can retire from teaching and start your own biz. I loved the purses your mom made the girls.

Stefanie said...

Megan, all those crafties are so beautiful. Seriously. If you ever quit your job and open an Etsy store, I can promise I will be your #1 customer!!!

You are an amazing woman to do all of that, plus your other duties in life!

Emily S. said...

Love love love. And I 100% agree about the onset of true winter, and the internalizing part. Love your thoughts. Thank you!