Friday, November 30, 2007

He's here....

The waiting is over. On Monday, November 26th, after 17 hours of labor, 1.5 hours of pushing, and 1 c-section, Lucas Kieran joined our family. He is 9lbs, 13 oz, and 21.75 inches long, and a happy baby.

It was a wonderful experience, and I am so happy that I tried for a VBAC, experienced natural labor and pushing, and have a beautiful baby boy. Really, no complaints. No regrets - and that was my ultimate goal.

We came home yesterday, and are thrilled to be here. While everyone at St. Vincent's went out of their way to make our stay there wonderful, it was hard being away from Max for so long. I really missed him and couldn't wait to be back in my own bed.

Things are good right now. Not easy yet, but good. I am very sore, and moving takes a lot of energy. Luke developed jaundice, so he is hooked up to a bili-light as much as possible right now, and sleeping whenever he's not eating. I feel like we hardly get any time with him yet. Max is very loving towards Luke, but is struggling with typical toddler issues of tantrums and not listening to mommy and daddy. And as much as I want to get down and wrestle with him and hug and play and remind him just how much I love him, I have to hold him at a distance so that I don't get kicked or banged up. That hurts us both. But really, things are good right now.

And they'll continue to get better....

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