Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ottawa Visit...

At the end of May, my beautiful little sister had a baby. But May is the end of the school year, so I had to wait until the end of June to go meet my new nephew, Asher. Since the intention of the visit was to go out and be helpful, it was clear that only one of my children should come with me - Max would be great at playing with my niece, Savannah, and I would have more flexibility to assist Erin and Alex. Luke stayed home with Daddy, and got to spend quality time with Grandma (Dan's mom) and Mema (my mom).

Well, it turns out that by the time we got there, they had life under control and sailing smoothly. My niece adores her little brother and takes great care of him, my nephew is eating like a champ, and sleeps pretty decently, and Erin and Alex are dealing with their new addition with grace. So Max and I got to just come and play!

From the pirate adventure to seeing the dinosaurs at the natural history museum, we had a great time. If you ask Max what the best part of the visit was, no doubt he will tell you it was seeing his new cousin and Lego building with Uncle Alex.

My favorite part? Well, of course smelling Asher's head, taking Savannah to the park, and eating amazing food was all fabulous. But the best was just hanging out with Erin and Alex. They are such an amazing couple, and watching them become parents has been inspiring. I loved gossiping about the Bachelorette and watching the World Cup. Just being there was more than I could have asked for - and now I just want to go back.


Erin said...

"Thank you, Please come again!" ha ha (That's for Max)

We miss you already. When are you coming back?!

Emily S. said...

Your sister is BEAUTIFUL! I am so so so so overjoyed you got this time with Erin and Co. Loved the Max/lego photo! :)