Thursday, July 15, 2010

Art time...

As I mentioned a few posts ago, making time for art was a big priority for me this summer. While it isn't happening every day, it is happening several times a week, and the boys and I are loving it.

Classic art ideas are where we've started. Crayon rubbings have been fun - Luke loves to peel the paper, and Max enjoys seeing what different impressions will give us.

Sometimes scribbles are a great foundation for art. Max will choose a starting point, make big loops and lines, and end back at his starting point. Then he just colors in the sections - ta da! Easy-peasy. But great practice for small motor skills, and developing ideas about color.

Finally, at the beginning of summer I made some purchases to make art time easier. I had always thought the paint cups were a luxury - but now I know they are a necessity. We are able to pull the easel and washable tempera paints out at a moment's notice, and the only clean-up I have to do is rinsing the brushes. Each kiddo gets a side, we tape paper on, and away they go!

(And yes, there are googley eyes on this one...)

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Emily S. said...

that last piece you featured made my heart swoon. THAT is some true art. Love it! Would frame it.

And I have been SUPER lazy about art this summer. :( This inspired me to go get paint cups and get an old t shirt on Noah and GO. I have everything else already!! Thank you, my sweet muse!