Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Indulge me.....

Ok, I know this is going to sound melodramatic, but it's just the way that it is.

It was this day four years ago that my entire world changed. Not the "flipped upside down" kind of change, but the kind where you take off your sunglasses and the colors of everything are just a little different. A shift that is big enough to make you double check your footing and hang onto the safety rail. And then realize that in an instant you can't even remember your old world.

Four years ago, I became a mama.

From the moment Max was born he has become my teacher. And I have learned many lessons in the last four years:

1. Life will not go exactly as I've planned - no matter how much research and preparation I put into it.

2. A solid night of sleep is a miracle to be reveled in when it happens.

3. Peas will come out of the nose if you plug the other nostril and blow.

4. Laughter and tears often come together.

5. Routine is important, but the true joy comes when you break it.

6. Sometimes counting to 10 and taking a deep breath isn't enough. Sometimes it's 100 and a walk around the block. Twice.

7. Little boy sweat is the sweetest smell in the world.

8. Children heighten every experience. The highs are higher, lows are lower, everything is just MORE.

9. Nothing feels better than cuddling someone made of your heart.

10. It's not all about me. In fact, very little of it is.

11. To a large extent, children are who they are. It's our job as parents to help them learn how to make who they are a good member of society.

12. Being a mama is who I'm supposed to be. And I wouldn't trade places with anyone else in the world.

Maxwell dear,
I love you more than all the world. To Pittsburgh and Cleveland and the stars. You are my angel baby, and I owe the best lessons of my life to you. Thank you.



Stefanie said...

Wow. That took my breath away. I love reading posts like this from you. You are so sincere and honest in them, and the beauty of your words brings tears to my eyes!!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Max!

Megan, I love you and the mama that you are.

Marilee said...

I relate to your beautiful feelings on two levels; that of mom and that of grandma. You changed my world in the same way (except that you didn't very often smell of little boy sweat)and are still teaching me. Max made me a grandma, which is even better than I could have dreamt it would be. I am so proud of you and the beautiful mother, wife, daughter, teacher, citizen, friend, sister, and writer that you are.

Marian said...

What a beautiful post, Megan! I am so proud and happy to know you and love you! Max and Luke have added something so very special to my life, and today is the perfect day to say "thank you" to you, their wonderful mama.

Emily S. said...

I agree-- your beautiful words are so powerful. And combined with that incredibly beautiful, tender image of you at the start, and I was riveted. I believe you. I know some of your truths firsthand already, and I trust the others to be true... and look forward to the epiphanies to come. I am grateful for a mama like you in my life, generously, thoughtfully, carefully leading the way.

Melanie said...

I hope, that when my first born is 4, that I will have that same wonderful perspective. You are amazing. And you have beautiful boys.