Sunday, July 19, 2009

My summer list....

I know, I know. Summer is half over. And yes, I've been very lucky this summer - a wonderful vacation, and a brand new house. But in many ways, it truly feels like summer is just now starting. A few posts ago I talked about Max's list of things he wanted to do, and I was inspired by a blog I read to make my own list. Sooo.....

This summer I will:

- Blow bubbles with my boys

- dip my feet in a lake or river or stream (or the ditch at my parents' place if I get desperate)

- eat lots of homemade ice cream

- lay out and look at the stars

- visit the farmer's market often and enjoy the best the season has to offer

- lay in a hammock

- roast marshmallows

- go for a walk in the woods

- listen to music outdoors

- swing as high as I can

- have many many many picnics

- play in the sprinklers

- host a get-together where twinkle lights will figure in

- spend lazy moments cuddling my babies in bed instead of rushing out the door

- sleep in a tent

- watch Jaws - at least once

- get a pedicure

- unplug more often

I'm sure there are a million more things that I want to do this summer. It is my favorite season, after all. Full and warm and meant for living each day with intention and spontaneity and hurry-up-and-play.

Plus, I've got a couple of upcoming events that will help me tick a lot of these off the list and put my heart at rest.


Erin said...

Up for a pedicure when I'm in town? I could try to book us an appointment.

Marilee said...

Reading your list reminds me of the lists I used to make at the beginning of each summer. Unfortunately, mine usually included too many chores and too little affordable fun. Thank you again for reminding me of the value of lists and the pleasures to be had in simple things.
P.S. I know where you can check many of those things off your list at least once.

*jess* said...

that's a great list. period. :)

Melanie said...

Oh, I hope you're making progress on this. . . it all sounds so delightful.