Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Night Randoms

Inspired by friends Emily and Mel, tonight's post is a special edition of
Friday Night Randoms:

1. I'm photo deficient lately. Seriously, I just haven't been taking any. I need to remedy that soon, if only to show you all how great the light is in our new place. But that leads me to issue number two:

2. My hard drive is full. Like I have 2% capacity, and my poor laptop groans every time I ask it to do just one more thing.....Hoping that my upcoming birthday helps to remedy that issue. But consequently, no new photos for a while.

3. August is prime birthday season in our house. Three out of the four members of these walls were born this month, as well as one wonderful father-in-law. Add to that the birthday-followed-a-few-days-later-by-the-party situation, and you can get a glimpse of why I don't want to see another cake/cupcake for a while. And we've still got two birthdays to go....

4. The end of summer vacation is 10 days away. I can't complain - many people only get 10 days of vacation a year. But I am going to whine a little.

5. I am in love with this book:

6. My beloved playgroup is starting a book club. I am so excited to have this chance to talk with these amazing women about things other than children. We meet for the first time on Tuesday. Any beverage suggestions?

7. Found the robot fabric I want to use in the boys' room at a local shop - love that I am not going to have to place a huge online order for something I've never seen. Even better? It was on sale and cuter in real life.

8. I'm trying to resist the urge to paint the playroom this weekend. Still a little undecided about color - thinking of robin's egg/Tiffany box kind of blue. That leads to a "garden" room with leaf green accents and some bird/butterfly/tree deco kinds of things. Opinions?

9. There's ice cream in the freezer calling my name.

10. I want to sit and watch tv tonight. LA Ink and a DVD of Freaks and Geeks are beckoning. But we have a house guest. I hate to watch tv when we have guests - something about wanting them to think I have a life. But I guess typing away on my computer blows that, doesn't it.....

Good night, all. Have a glorious summer weekend.


Erin said...

I LOVE the playroom idea! Can you send me a link of the tree decal you were thinking of?

I'm happy that you found the robot fabric and love it even more! Who makes it?

Marilee said...

I'll help paint or keep my two favorite boys entertained if you want.

j.yue said...

hey megan i did poppy's room in the color of the tiffany's box. i actually matched it exactly to the box from miller's paint. however, when it went up it looked different so i went a shade lighter and loooved it. let me know if you want the color info!

Melanie said...

I think that shade of blue is the PERFECT idea. And I have been eying that book as well. It's good to know you love it. It may be time to go get it myself. You better share photos of the projects you make!