Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is a very special day in my world - it's my mom's birthday. Now, I won't offend her by telling you which birthday (but compared to many of my friends' parents', she's a baby!). But suffice it to say, we are thankful for her birth today.

I always knew (well, maybe not for a couple of those years in high school) that I had an amazing mom. As a dedicated teacher she modeled that you could have a career and be there for your children. As a wife, she taught me that marriage is worth every bit of hard work. But it is within in the last few years I am learning just how much she taught me about being a mama:

- Mamas always let their children know they are loved - especially in those moments when they aren't really feeling it.

- Mamas teach you to love books - and therefore teach you to love fantasy and imagination and learning.

- Mamas let you make messes - and just as importantly, teach you to clean them up.

- Mamas know that modeling what is right isn't easy - but it's just what you do.

- Mamas understand that sometimes our children will hurt us, and that it is ok to let them know when they have. That's how we learn compassion, empathy, and the importance of kindness.

- Mamas have the tough talks, even when it embarrasses the both you. It's the only way you'll learn some of life's most important facts.

- Mamas hug, kiss, and soften the rough edges of the world.

- Mamas make mistakes too. And they apologize.

- Mamas know best. And help you to be better.

- And the number one mama job? To be your own personal cheerleader throughout life. Clap, Praise, Brag. No one will ever see you as such a wonderful being as your mama does. And we all need that.

My only wish right now? That everyone could have had my mom. She truly is THAT good.

Happy birthday mom. And thanks.

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*jess* said...

that was a fantastic post...happy birthday to your mom!