Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ok, I'm still sick with this obnoxious cold (it's been three weeks now), but I decided there's been to much goodness going on to wait any longer to blog about it. So, in no particular order:

1. We went to Zoolights last night. It's a big light display put on at the zoo, and a lot of fun. We took the train ride, and both boys were fascinated. We lucked out, and the lines were short and the weather was dry. Totally worth it! (And a marked improvement from when we took Max when he was 4 months old and he cried the entire time!)

2. Max's patience with Luke amazes me. Over the last month, Luke has started to play really roughly with Max. He climbs all over him, pulls his hair, bites (yes, we are working on it!), and can generally be quite the menace. Max takes it all in stride. The big bruise on the arm? A few tears, but back to playing right away. A few minutes ago Luke clocked Max with a block and gave him a bloody lip. Max came for cuddles, and in the sweetest voice said, "That hurt me really bad, Lucas. Please don't do that." And 99.5% of the time there's no retaliation. For my impulsive little boy, that's really saying something.

3. Only 9 days until my sister, brother-in-law, and niece come for Christmas. I am SO excited. I miss them so much, and this time together is just incredibly needed. Plus, I have the world's cutest niece.

4. The constant changes in our lives. For the past several years, I have been very fortunate. All around me friends and family have been welcoming new life and love into their worlds. Marriages and babies have abounded, and celebrations have been the name of the game. But in the last few months, there has been a slight shift in that joyous balance. Two dear friends have lost parents, and several more have parents facing severe health concerns. My own parents have had their challenges (While blessedly remaining very young!), and all around I am more aware of the role that aging will have on our lives in the coming years. These changes are scary and heartbreaking. But this post was about goodness, right? So here's my take. This Christmas season I want to soak in every moment. Really be aware that the changes are inevitable, but we have so many wonderful things to appreciate right now. No guarantees for later. I'm going to be thankful for what I've got. And try to celebrate even in the face of change.

5. Luke's becoming a person. A communicative person at that. Now, currently responds to most direct questions with a "yep", but he tosses in the occasional "go" and has a great finger wagging that goes with "no". It's pretty funny. And Max is almost always the first to notice a new word.

Ok, think that's the brain spew for now! I'll be back soon with pictures from the Chirstmas tree "hunting" trip. Glad to know that a few of you have recently joined me here, and your comments make my day every time!


Marilee said...

Meg, I never fail to read your blog without feeling deep and profound pride in who you are as a wife, mother, daughter and friend! Your writing would touch me even if I weren't your mom but moves me more because I am. I am so grateful for the peeks into your heart and into the lives of your family. Thank you. Mom

j.yue said...

such a needed post for me...your mother should know that your friendship has been so wonderful. she has done an amazing job raising you
to be such a woman. i can say that now when you have been so thoughtful but also right after i met you in that providence mom's group on fridays. i knew you were a good one just right after a short chat and introduction to max. so thankful for you in my life. i am sure i will read this post several more times in the next several months. thanks for it.