Saturday, July 5, 2008

So much fun...........

What a fun couple of weeks here in the Young House! SO much to update on, pics to share, and Maxisms that I am not even sure where to start. This may become a series of small posts because I am way to intimidated to try and share everything all at once.

Where to start?

Well, we had a nice visit with Dan's dad, Robert. Robert is currently on retreat up in the Yukon, so visits with him are rare. Max enjoyed getting to play dinosaurs, and it was Luke's first time meeting Grandpa Robert. It was all pretty low-key, but a good opportunity to catch up.

Then, the same day that Robert flew out, my sister and
niece flew in. I have been looking forward to this FOR-EV-ER. We spent a week at the beach with my parents, sister and beautiful niece enjoying perfect weather and even bettercompany. (Unfortunately, my BIL was unable
to join us - and we really missed his energy and
humor) There will be more about the details
of the week to come!

We returned from the beach just in time for our ninth anniversary, and a wonderful date night sponsored by my in-laws. Then were yesterday's festivities, with all of the bbq and fireworks that come with celebrating our country.

It's been wonderful - relaxing, full of laughter, and memory filled.

Now back to our regularly scheduled lives....

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