Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Catching up...

It happens every year, and still I find myself surprised. How is summer so incredibly busy? The school year always feels hectic during the week, and I desperately need my weekends to be relaxing just to survive. But during the summer we (I) work so hard to get every bit of "enjoying the season/time off work" out of it that some of the daily tasks get pushed aside.

That said, we've been having a wonderful time. This last week was full of wonderful birthday parties (all of our playgroup friends are turning three right now), car shopping, and hanging out at the cabin with my parents. Max has been in heaven!

So today is picture overload. I'll tell you right up front that none of them are great technically, but I love what they are - little bits of time that I get to keep.

Luke hanging out on the deck at the cabin:
Max and Mema hard at work (playdough time):

The boys' first bath together:

Probably one of our most enjoyed summer purchases - a variety of dress-up clothes from goodwill. The construction vest and hat are worn every day, and other pieces get tossed in at random:

Sprinklers have been a big hit for Max this summer - he really just goes for it any chance he gets. These are a couple from just hanging out in the yard:

And last but not least, the shot that shows just how different our summer morning pace is:

Have a great day - we're headed out again for a few days to spend time with Dan's family. Then maybe we'll be home for a while and things will slow down.

Yeah, right.....

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emily said...

oh my gosh! I came on here to compliment all the amazingly great photos you posted, each one better than the last........and then I came upon your grand finale.
WHAT A CRACKUP!!! (pun intended)

That's priceless. Wow.

And I truly DO love the first one... it looks so classic and poignant.