Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Luke's Turn...

My mom always said that there is just nothing cuter than a two year old, and that trying to compete with one was useless. And boy can I attest to that. Most of the time, Max just steals the show these days. But as Luke is getting older, he sure is trying to give Max a run for his money.

As I've said many times, Luke is a VERY easy baby. Mr. Laid Back. Has spent a lot of his first 7 months just content to hang out and flash a smile. But recently, he is working more and more to make himself known. He has discovered his voice in a major way, and enjoys shrieking at the top of his lungs. Babbling is also becoming more common, and we are all enjoying the dadadadada and mamamama he will give us. He is still very easy, but is getting to the age where he demands more attention.

Mr. Content is also working on becoming more mobile. He sits up unassisted for short periods of time, and is now enjoying jumping in the jumperoo. He is a prolific roller and can pivot with the best of them - and combining these skills, he can really travel across a floor. It amazes me just how far he can get without actually being able to crawl. But I don't think crawling is that far away. While we were at the beach, he started to get up on all fours, and now spends a lot of his floor time rocking back and forth on hands and knees.

Almost all of this development is exciting, but at this point, we are all hoping for a little break from teething. Poor guy is now up to 5, and number 6 is right at the surface. I'm sad to lose the gummy grin, and he hasn't yet learned to nurse without tooth pressure. I know that as he gets closer to being able to handle more than purees, the teeth will come in handy. But right now? Really, they are just a pain.

So there you have it - updates on both boys, and a greater effort at blogging. Maybe today I'll try something really crazy - like cleaning my bathroom...

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emily said...

i know this comment is WAAAAY late... :(

But that photo is beautiful!! What a handsome guy!