Monday, July 7, 2008

Latest Maxisms...

Ah, my oldest child.... These days he is the source of my greatest everything - greatest frustration, greatest laughter, greatest curiosity, greatest inspiration. Those who know him best understand what I mean when I describe him as passionate. This kid feels everything deeply, and has come to be known as "spirited". No one else can make me pull my hair out and melt my heart at the same time.

To put it mildly, he is very verbal for an almost three year old. Often, this leads me to forgetting just how young he still is. And the things he says never fail to make me pause. Here's a few recent examples:

- In a discussion about how Mema (my mom) is going to be left in charge while Mommy goes out for a little while, he looks up from playing and very seriously asks, "When do I get to be the boss, Mommy?"

- "You know how much I love you? Up to the moon."

- "When Luke gets big I will share all of his toys with him."

- Describing his play, "Well, the bus just ran over the cutie-pie pig. That happens to all of us sometime."

- "I like beer, but I can't have it 'til I'm taller."

- "I'm just not a good sleeper" (Gee, have I said that a time or two about him?!)

- He's very into playing pretend, and we almost always have family alter-egos. These change often, and he issued this proclamation the other day - "We used to all be super chimpanzees. Now we are tigers. Next we will be gypsies and hang from the chimney

- He likes to repair misunderstandings with "Well, actually...."

So, if any of you are in need of a little toddler humor, questioning, and bold assertions, do I have the kid for you. I'll rent him out - CHEAP!

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j.yue said...

i am dying right now!!!
gypsies hanging from the chimney!
he is too much!
and i have to say i am so relieved
reading your first sentence of this post. i am feeling the exact way
with ollie. today he had me rolling
on the floor in laughter but just
yesterday my head buried in a pillow with frustration. ahhhh. so crazy this age! i feel bipolar at times!
thank goodness they are so darn cute.