Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Making tough choices....

That's what parenting is all about, right? Making the tough choices.

Today the "tough choice" was vaccines. Luke had his two month appointment today, which signals that start of the parade of injections that the CDC recommends. I am all for protecting my child from terrible illness - but 4 vaccines for 7 illnesses just seems like an awful lot for a tiny baby!

With Max, I was interested in an alternative vaccination schedule, but never got one together before his appointment. So, despite the nagging concerns I had, I went ahead with the recommendations of our pediatrician. I trust her, and she really believes in them. And for him, everything has gone just fine - no reactions, and he's up-to-date (except for varicella). But I still wasn't happy that what amounted to laziness on my part led me to parent in a way that I didn't really believe in.

Flash forward to today - I wasn't going to let that happen again. I still believe in vaccinating - I just wanted to spread them out a little. I used Dr. Sears' alternate schedule with just a few changes, and took that in to our appointment. Dan agreed to it, as long as our pediatrician felt is was good. Fortunately, she thought it looked like a strong alternative, and didn't have any concerns with the choices I was making. In fact, she recommended moving one more of the shots later in the schedule. She copied it, put it in our file, and one shot and one oral vaccine later, we left the office.

Anyone who knows me knows what a rule follower I am. Going outside the recommendations is hard for me. But in this case, I believe that it is right. And that's how I hope to parent - being willing to make the tough choices to do what is right for us.

It feels good, you know?


emily said...

your blog header is lovely, and i like the whole "look"...
Good for you for doing what you believe is right!

Megan said...

Thanks! Glad you stopped by!