Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Been a bad blogger....

Yup. That pretty much sums it up. Going to try and do better....

Things here have been going well - life as a stay-at-home-family suits us well. Two kids and two parents hanging out without a schedule is a pretty nice life. And we still have almost another month of this.

I think I expected it all to be harder. And it will once Dan goes back to work, I'm sure. But truthfully, with as well as Luke sleeps it has been pretty easy. We get up, and either lounge around, or work together so I can get out the door to Stroller Strides. We have lunch, nap, and play until dinner time. Dinner is followed by the evening routine of "Max and Ruby" (which has recently replaced the Wiggles), bath, story and bed. If Luke goes to sleep early, the evening is ours to watch TV or a movie or play on the internet. And that is our life, seven days a week. We often struggle to remember what day it is, and most the time it doesn't even matter.

Life without a schedule is my version of bliss.

But blogging - I'm going to try and be better about jotting down the funny things that Max is saying, and noting the daily changes that Luke is making. Because when I don't write these things down, I forget them - and life right now is too good to forget.

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