Sunday, October 31, 2010


We had a great day today.  Instead of our usual craziness of trying to do too much "holiday stuff", we took it easy.  The weather was beautiful, so the yard called for attention.  Max and I planted over 75 bulbs today (mostly tulips and narcissus), we cleaned out the garden, and Dan mowed and cleaned up tons of leaves.  It was so nice to be able to work on all of that without the rain!

To celebrate Halloween, first we went over to my grandma's house. It was great to see her, my Uncle Jerry and his girlfriend Brenda, and mt Uncle Jim, Aunt Robbi, and cousins Ian and Sydney.  They loved getting to see my little pirates, and my pirates loved seeing people they love.

We came home, ate dinner, and headed out for Grandpa Tom's church.  They were having their second annual "Trunk and Treat", where members of the congregation decorate their car trunks and pass out candy to children from the church and neighborhood. The boys loved seeing their grandparents and thought that the cars were pretty cool, too.

Once we got back home, Dan took the boys around the neighborhood, while I stayed home to man the door.  I was really impressed at how polite the trick or treaters were, and the boys had fun on their short adventure.

It was a great evening overall.  Our little pirates were adorable, even if they had been planning for months to be a knight and a dragon.  (Last minute changes made possible by the dress up box...) Now, off to "check" their candy (and hope for a butterfinger...).


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I saw these on facebook and thought they were so adorable. You always capture the essence of your boys. It makes me desperate for another boy just so my son can have a brotherly relationship like your boys.

They are so handsome! :)

Marian Young said...

What a special treat to see my favorite pirates! Love you all!

Stefanie said...

Can I just say that seeing your two boys together makes me absolutely JOYFUL that I had another boy -- and you know what that means because you know how much I yearned for a girl!

Love the pic with grandma!