Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a wonderful year!

Over a year ago, I spent endless hours pouring over web pages and doing visits to preschools all over the east side of Portland. I drafted an excel spreadsheet and countless pro-con lists for each opportunity. But when I visited Harmony, something clicked. It felt like a home where children and families and teachers were partners in the journey, and where Max would begin to love school.

From his first day in the fall, he (and we) fell in love with his school. He made wonderful friends quickly, and had teachers who gave their whole hearts to the children in their care. Likewise, Dan and I were welcomed into the community, and the hellos in the hall lead to play dates and birthday parties. Last weekend we joined the school for the annual camping trip to Oxbow. While small talk and mingling have never been our strength, it was easier than we would have imagined. The kids ran wild in the woods, splashed in the river, and laughed with their friends. Max even survived sleeping in the tent - a real surprise to him! The weather was perfect, and I truly can't wait to go again next year.

Here are some shots from the weekend:
Luke at the river

Max crossing the Sandy River

Our friends Gail and Ben enjoying the shade

Dan just chillin'

Some of the artwork from school (scenes depicting the song "What a Wonderful World")

Luke and I at the river

Kiddos enjoying throwing rocks into the river - they could have stayed all day!

It really was great. This week was Max's last week of school, so we also took a couple of shots of this momentous occasion. First - a flashback (his first, nervous morning):

And Friday, filled with confidence and looking so much older:

And with Jude,the amazing director, who is leaving us this year to start a new adventure:

Finally, the fabulous Katie, the guide in his classroom, and an overall amazing woman:
We have just felt so fortunate with this experience. Katie understands Max and appreciates his passion, he has friends who have broadened his world, and with Jude at the helm, it has been the perfect ship for us to be aboard. We are excited to continue the journey next year, when Luke will join the school and Max will continue there for his Kindergarten year.

I just love it when things turn out the way you always hoped they would!

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Marilee said...

My prayer is that Max finds this same love for learning and feeling of acceptance every year!