Friday, January 7, 2011

The drive home today...

On the drive home today, there were a few Max and Luke jems I never want to forget:

Max: Mom, when I'm sixteen, can I have a bow and arrow?
Me: Sure.  Why not?  What do you want them for?
Max: So I can hunt in the South American rainforest.  That's how the people who live there do it.  Sounds good to me!

Me: Luke, you can't just touch the buttons on the new phone - it will actually call someone.
Luke: But Mom, when I'm sixteen can I dial the phone?
Me: Sure, kiddo.  No problem.

Luke: Mom, when I go to college, I am going to go with Max.
Max: And you can come visit us.
Me: Really? You'll let me visit?
Max: Sure - you could go to college then, too. Then you could get a new job.
Me: What kind of new job could I get?
Max:You can do whatever makes you happy.

Man, I love these kids.


Marilee said...

Yes, Mom, you can do whatever makes you happy. What makes me happy, however, is having these wonderful insights into the lives of the people I love most! Thank you!

Stefanie said... those boys. Hope I get to hear stuff like that soon from our backseat.

Mary Beth said...

I love that you are writing all this down. It's so wonderful to look back in future years and remember the sweet sayings that otherwise would have been forgotten.