Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Update #1

Rather than blather on and on like I usually do, this time I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (or I'll never get caught up!)

Here was the first part of our Christmas at Mema and Papa's (my parents):

A very special visit from Santa (or Santa's helper, as Luke decided) was a magical part of our Christmas eve.

Gotta love new goggles!

Three of my favorite people

We were lucky to have Uncle Jerry and soon-to-be-Aunt Brenda join us

Luke and his beloved stoplight - Santa sure came through!

My beautiful sister - who never looks as gorgeous as when she's being a mama.

We tried to tell him not to eat the snow, but it was better than licking it off the window, which he did later...

Snow flingers that double as great noise makers

Amazing snowman demolition brought to you by my brother-in-law, Alex!

Asher and Dan enjoying their time together
SO many wonderful memories and laughter.  We felt very fortunate, indeed.

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Emily said...

I LOVE that snowman demolition picture!!