Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our new residents...

Better late than never, right?!

So, a few weeks ago, I was talking with Dan (read: whining to Dan) about how much I missed having pets. As the boys are always quick to remind me, we do have a pet. But for some reason, our beta, Sam, just wasn't cutting it for me. I grew up in a home where there were always dogs and cats, and I missed having a furbaby around. Now, Dan has never been the biggest fan - of either the work or mess that comes with pets. But, he was kind enough to give in. The moment he said ok, I was searching And the next night the boys and I drove out to Cat Adoption Team to look for a cat.

It took all of 15 minutes for us to find our new housemates. A bonded pair of young male cats (1 year, and 1.5 years) whose owners surrendered them when they moved overseas won us over. The next night we all drove out and picked them up.

Now it seems like they've always been here. Oden (named by Max after his favorite Blazer, Greg Oden) is our orange tabby - he's a little hyper and more sensitive around the boys. Walter (after Walter Payton, my favorite football player of all time) is a large grey, green eyed guy that licks like crazy and is a serious lap cat. We couldn't be happier with the two of them, and for me, they make the house feel even more like a home.




Marilee said...

I can testify to the cuteness factor of these two and I can still feel the sandpaper rub of Walter's tongue on my arm. Good choice made by all.

Amelia said...

Aww, what sweethearts! Love the pics of them. Yay for pets! I'm going to be commenting on several of your last entries because they're all so great, just to warn you :) Love seeing the kitties finally!