Thursday, April 29, 2010

Luke's turn...

There's one quarter left in what could be the Blazer's last game of the season. I'm watching with that tight stomach that I get during playoff basketball, and if I don't distract myself a little, I find that I take it all too seriously. So, it time for me to give a little update on Luke at almost 2 and a half. Here goes:

- He continues to be our little comedian. He knows it. And he denies it vehemently with a scrunched up face, nasal voice proclaiming, "I not funny. I not funny guys." We can't stop laughing.

- Favorite expressions are "Holy guacamole!", "Mama, I gonna tell you sumpin (something)..." and "It's dark in my eyes"(meaning the light is off in the room he wants to enter).

- He's quite the little brute. Between being in a class of 9 boys and 1 girl at school and having an older brother, he is certain to hold his own in a wrestling match or hanging onto a toy. We're constantly working on "gentle touches". Temper tantrums are happening more often, and are accompanied by swinging arms - we're working on it.

- He loves to be outside, just like Max. He wants desperately to be able to ride a bike, and loves to play ball. Favorite toys are always soccer or footballs.

- He's still a mama's boy in a big way. He asks to cuddle constantly, and wants to be in the same room I am in ALL the time. Dinner is often made with him at my elbow, and he would climb into bed with us every morning, if given the chance.

- Almost every morning he wakes with a smile on his face. He loves the early hours, and NEVER sleeps past about 6:30. This has been a tough thing for the rest of us night owls to adjust to.

- Achievements? Well, he can sing a large number of songs, recite several books from memory (which tends to happen when you hear them a million times), and is potty trained. He's working on dressing himself and buckles his carseat. He has a huge desire to be independant.

- Weird quirks? He insists on sleeping in socks every night. When wearing footie pajamas, the socks go over the footies. He is convinced that he sits in the front seat of the car and that we drive from the back seat. Most of the time he refers to Max not by name, but by calling him "my bruver (brother)".

Really? He's so much fun. And so much work. And so important to our family. I can't imagine there was life without him.

Here's a few shots from the last month:


Stefanie said...

Sounds like a great kid with a great personality!! I am looking forward to seeing how my two boys differ as they grow up too!!! XXOO

Melanie said...

He is so adorable, Megan. And though it sounds like he's a handful, he's got the perfect mellow mommy to handle his tough stuff.

Alex said...

Those pictures amaze me, Luke looks so grown up!
What an amazing kid. I miss him so much.

Marilee said...

When people ask me how my adorable grandkids are I am always stymied for words that can capture them without gushing on and on. I am just going to print out their mommy's blogs and hand them to them from now on. You captured Luke so well!

Amelia said...

lol, holy guacamole! And it's dark in my eyes, that's hilarious. What a funny, bright kid. Love the crying picture, always my favorites ;) I'm totally steeling your recap idea, too, love it.