Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some fun crafties....

When Luke was born I got involved in an online group with a great group of women all around the country. One factor that ties us all together is our love of being "crafty". For Mother's Day we decided to do a craft swap, sending out love via sewing, baking, jewelry-making, and amazing handiworks. Now that the swap is over, I'm free to share the things that I made for my amazing partner, Molly.

I've been wanting to try some jewelry making, so this was my first shot at using beading wire:

And I had long ago fallen in love with the pleated bag from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing. This was the perfect time to try it out. While I liked the finished result, next time I wouldn't use linen for the body - a stiffer cotton would hold it's shape better. I also made the zippered pouch from the same book:

Here's the inside of the zippered pouch - it has a fun little paisley lining, and was my first shot at sewing in a zipper:

All three projects were a blast to make, and having a deadline forced me to do some long-missed sewing. I now want to try all three again for myself! And the best part of the swap? I got some amazing gifts from an amazing woman, Emily. She is a crafter and photographer that I greatly admire, and to have her create amazing handiwork for me was so special!

The package started with these - Cherry Almond Chocolate cupcakes in a jar! They are to die for!!!!! And could they be any cuter?!

Then was this beautiful grapevine wreath with two beautiful lovebirds perched inside:

Then she took two of my favorite pictures of the boys and had them printed on display-designed foam board with fabulous quotes about moms and their boys underneath:

And last but not least? This amazing apron! It is adorable and a work of sewing art - gathers, reversible, fabulous fabric choices. It is going to make baking so much fun - and I'll look just so cute with my red kitchen aid mixer.

Here's everything together (and the other side of the apron):

I am just so fortunate to be a part of this great group of women - and want to publicly thank the Divine Miss Em for her thoughtful gifts. They made my year!


Stefanie said...

You ROCK that apron, Megan!! You need to get behind the camera more often!!!

Way to go on that necklace and bags....I need to learn to sew!!

*jess* said...

i are beautiful! we need to see MORE pics of you. :) what an awesome care package too. ELW rocks. :)

Emily S. said...

You are so sweet, Megan... Thanks for your post, and for loving the gifties. I was SO thrilled to get you as my swappie. BEyond thrilled!

And ditto to the other girls... you ARE gorgeous!! I love how you look in the apron!


Erin said...

That's awesome! I'm glad that you have such great friends to share your creativity with!

Gloria O said...

I have craft/sewing envy right now! =) What beautiful handiwork.

j.yue said...

craft envy too! you look adorable as always megan! what a fun group!