Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life's not fair.....

This morning I awoke to my smallest child nestled into my side, plaintively mewling "muk....mukkkkk" while his right hand squeezed open and shut. Milk. He wants milk. Fine.

Not 15 minutes later, the big one patters in, whispering, "Can I come in yet?" No. Go back to bed until it's closer to a reasonable weekend wake-up time. And off he went.

Thirty minutes later the little one was fully awake for the day. "Ok, you can come in now......" and the big one runs in from his room where he had been patiently laying in bed looking at books. As my husband read to both boys in our bed on a beautifully brilliant morning, it hit me.

Life is not fair. It really isn't.

Why did I get everything I ever wanted? How did my life turn out to be so much like I always dreamed it would? And when is the proverbial "other shoe" going to drop?

Because all around us, that other shoe has been dropping like crazy lately. From college friends faced with ending treatment for their four year old with leukemia to co-workers losing a teen in a tragic car accident, Friday was a rough day. Friends who have lost fathers far too early and others who are stuck in the wringer of infertility/adoption are all being hit pretty hard right now.

And here I am, sitting pretty. It's not fair.

So I'm going to do my best to keep that in mind. I know there will be times in my life when things are hard; maybe even feel impossible. And I pray that I have the courage to deal with it, hold my head up and admit that life isn't fair. But that "fair" doesn't matter. "Fair" isn't why things are good or bad. Holding tight and appreciating all that I've got is all I can ever do.

That, and hoping that some good ol' prayer helps lifts those for whom things really just aren't fair right now.


j.yue said...

oh boy. so true all that you said. this has not been my year or even week but i am trying to enjoy what i do have. rough spells are part of life and teach us things. thanks for your great posts. they have been therapy for me.

Emily S. said...

oh, what an aching, sweet, terrible, wonderful post.... Because I am right with you in the blessings dept. And there are SO many terrible things out there right now.

Makes me pause with deep gratitude.

Thanks, Megan.

Slavens Family said...

What a GREAT post Megan! Man, it IS so easy to hop on the 'woe is me' train sometimes, but we are so blessed. Thanks for that really poetic reminder.
P.S - Your boys are just the sweetest! Loved all your craft things too - the photos with the quotes have me inspired to make a trip to Michaels!