Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't send out the National Guard....

Sorry to disappear! I really didn't intend to. I've actually been trying in vain to post a video for the last several days and am only now willing to admit defeat. It was really cute, and would have been totally worth it. But I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Today's post is mostly a chance for me to catch up on those little parts of the boys that I don't want to forget - if I don't write them down, they disappear.

- Some of my current favorite Max pronunciations: aldaready (already) and patteren (pattern)

- Luke can now stand on his own! It's so cute to see how proud he realizes that he's doing it on his own.

- Max drew his first person today - his buddy Ollie.

- We have a climber on our hands - Dan discovered Luke sitting on the kitchen table all by himself the other day. Max did the same thing about this age - a little scary, but I'm impressed by the resourcefulness.

-One week until my baby turns one. Not ready - not at all.

- Luke's first word? "Ma" No, not as in mama. As in Max. Max tells us all the time that Luke is his best friend. I hope they always are as close as they are right now.

- Luke is like his mama - he adores the phone. Any bells, alarms, buzzers or rings and his hand flies to his ear and he says "ello?" or "aye". So cute!

- Max is doing a great job with the preschool program Lauren does with him every morning. He loves letters and sounds, and can't get enough of rhyming words. It is so fun to watch him be so proud of hte work he has done, and we appreciate all the work Lauren puts into making it fun.

- Recently, Luke has started screaming "Dayyyy" (daddy) when he hears the door open at the end of the day. He crawls as quickly as he can to the door to give Dan a big hug, too.

All good stuff. Nothing that will change any worlds but mine - but I'll take it. And I don't want to forget to pay attention.


Stefanie said...

Those little moments aren't all that small! And, I'm so with you -- if we don't write them down, they are forever lost! I hope also that your little boys are BFFs!!

The Cohen's said...

I love that your boys are such good buds already, even through the childhood problems. I would be willing to bet that they stay that way! Obviously Luke looks up to Max already... giving him the priveledge of his first word. ADORABLE!

Erin said...

I guess I'll have to wait on the video until our visit.

You have such an incredible family and I know some day they'll really appreciate the time you took to really see and hear them.