Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just plugging along....

We have been home from the hospital for a week now. Slowly we are adjusting to our "new" life - or at least trying to figure out what that is. Luke has been off of the bili-blanket for a couple of days now, and that has made life a lot easier. I go into work tomorrow to teach my sub how to use the gradebook program, and then I need to do report cards this weekend. After that, I am done with all school stuff for a while, and can concentrate on our new family of four.

Luke has been a pretty easy baby so far. He sleeps a lot right now, and fusses rarely. The bigger challenge has been helping Max adjust to the shift. He is very sweet with Luke - gives lots of kisses, makes sure that we are going to take him with us when we go somewhere, and talks to him all the time. The regular refrain has become, "Hi Luke. You ok? Good." It's all very sweet. But it's the other stuff - like not listening to directions and playing really roughly with Dan and I, that are so frustrating right now. We feel like we are walking the tightrope of giving him a little extra TLC and attention to offset the loss of focus as the only child and being consistent with expectations for appropriate behavior. Plus, it's more than a little strange to have both Mommy and Daddy home all the time, and much less playtime with Abby. It's all a little weird for him, and I don't blame him for acting confused. I am too!

Right now he is avoiding sleep. He's been in bed for over an hour....

This too shall pass, right?

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