Sunday, December 5, 2010

Letters to Santa

Each day of Advent, the boys get to open a bag that contains a card with an activity for the day.  Day 2 was to write a letter to Santa.  While we've always talked about it in the past, this was the first time we've actually sat down and done it. 

Max is getting more and more independent with his writing.  While he will first exclaim that he can't do it, given a little prompting and time, he does fairly well.  It is so interesting (as a reading teacher) to watch him develop letter and sound ideas.  Luke is just starting to write his first letters - he's got "u" down, and is working on his name.  For his letter, I took dictation.  Here are the results:

 Max's letter reads:
     "Dear Santa
            I hope  you are having a good time.  Kud (Could) I hav hte Lego castle ples? Kud I hav a tooth bruhs (brush) ples?
                                       Max Y"

Lots of tongues sticking out in concentration.  This is serious business, people!

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